These Terms and Conditions apply to any contract for the sale of a product (“the Goods”) by Optical Superstore to a customer ("the Buyer"). Optical Superstore and the Buyer are referred to together as "the Parties".




The placing of an order is treated as an offer to buy the Goods stated in the order. The Parties do not enter into a contract until Optical Superstore accepts an order. Acceptance will occur when Optical Superstore sends an automated confirmation to the Buyer through this website or by email, at the moment when that confirmation is sent to the Buyer.




The "Contract Price" will be the price of the Goods as stated on Optical Superstore’ website at the time when the Buyer places the order, plus Optical Superstore’ shipping charge for shipping, packing and delivery by means of the appropriate mail service depending on the location of the place where the Goods are dispatched and the address for delivery.




The Buyer must pay the Contract Price in full in cleared funds before the Goods are dispatched to the Buyer. Optical Superstore will be entitled to full payment even though the ownership of the Goods has not yet passed to the Buyer.




All products advertised on Optical Superstore’ website are subject to availability. If, for any reason beyond Optical Superstore’ reasonable control, Optical Superstore is not able to supply the Goods specified in the order because the Goods are no longer available to Optical Superstore from the manufacturer or supplier, the Buyer will not be charged for the Goods and Optical Superstore will refund any payment of the Contract Price already made by the Buyer.




Optical Superstore will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the Goods are delivered to the Buyer as soon as they are available and in any event within 30 days after acceptance of the order. However, delays may occur in Optical Superstore obtaining the Goods from the manufacturer or supplier, or in producing prescription glasses or lenses, for reasons which are outside Optical Superstore’ control.




The Buyer will have the right to cancel the contract at any time before the end of 14 working days beginning with the day after the Goods are delivered to the Buyer, without giving any reason for cancelling it. This right is given to the Buyer by the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000. To exercise the right of cancellation in cases where the right exists, the Buyer must send written notice of cancellation to Optical Superstore before the end of the period of 14 working day.




Optical Superstore will supply the Goods to the Buyer with the benefit of any warranty given by the manufacturer. The terms of any such warranty will be taken to be included in the contract between Optical Superstore and the Buyer.